Monday, October 1, 2012

Local Grill Cheese

Back from the farm early today because I was STARVING!!!
With a grill cheese on my mind, I figured it would be a quick easy way of taking care of my hunger.
One of the benefits of my job is I get to trade for some really nice food.  In the fridge was a sourdough loaf from Mylo Coffee and some habanero cheddar from Kent Walter Artisan Cheese.  I grabbed a few of my left over roasted red peppers and fired up the pan.

A few slices of bread with a tablespoon of butter spread on them and my peppers, rinsed and laid on the pan to sear for a bit.

The smell of the peppers searing and the buttered sour dough sizzling with a grill on high flame is heavenly.
Grilling for a bit longer then combining the slices and turning once.

Hunger solved!

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