Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Extra Pay Days and New Relationships!

 This past weekend our farm was setup at the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show.  They invited farmers this year to participate and gave us a discount on the registration fee.   While our farm did not have a large variety of fresh food available, we did have lettuce, greens, broccolini, salsa, pickled sweet peppers, our new rack card CSA brochure and yours truly.

The 3 day show along with the Hillcrest Farmers Market provided something our farm has not had since last summer, a 4 pay day weekend!  Market money this time of year is rare and appreciated especially with the extra expenses of starting our spring crops and bringing on a new growing system.
Introducing our farm and new varieties of food is one of my passions.  The broccolini was a hit and we look forward sharing more of it with our market and online customers in the coming weeks.

Our spring tomato seedlings will be ready for transplanting next week, let's hope our 20 degree nights are behind us.  

As a small market farmer, half of my passion is starting seeds, watching them grow and bear fruit for our customers.  The other half is to share the processes and build a food relationship with those same people.   The flower and garden show provided an opportunity to meet new people,  introduce our farm and plant a relationship seed.  Let's hope that seed germinates and grows organically into lifetime opportunity to share good food, friendship and a passion for making a difference by buying local AND organic.