Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Update

 This morning I spent a rare Saturday at the farm to host a group of students from EAST eStem Charter School who are producing a documentary, Homegrown Arkansas will attempt to rekindlle the relationship between Arkansans and  Arkansas Farmers.    This group of young ladies demonstrated poise and professionalism far beyond their years and their parents should be proud.   I sincerely hope their work can help raise awareness of the great area of opportunity that exists in local and organic agriculture.  Locally produced agriculture has less than a half percent of the fresh food market share, local AND organically produced fresh food is a very tiny fraction of that!   I wish them luck, maybe in my lifetime we can get to %1!

With the arrival of the cold weather Fred's doors are installed and we will be moving in our row covers soon.  On a sunny morning like today, it was 60 by 9 a.m. and has been in the 80's all morning.

Each fall I struggle with when to let a crop end.  I seem to always hold on to it longer than I should hoping for a bit more production.  There are still blooms on these grape tomatoes, but most of the row is dead.   I need to get a cover crop in and out by spring. When to end the crop has to allow for the time needed for a cover to be sown, germinate, grow and be turned in.

 I think I will hold on to the "crackerries" for another week or so and see what ripens up. Unless it surprises me with unexpected productivity soon, they will be out.

 This years okra crop has been fantastic!  Even-though we have some fatalities, we will hold on for another week or so and see what the sunny days produce.

 Butterhead, Romaine and  Merlot lettuce along with our Brocolini will be here next month!

We are trying out purple hull peas as a cover crop this fall.  They are just starting to sprout in Fred's #11 bay.

Good bye cucumbers, your out of hear!!  

Morning Glory's too, out of here!! (not that they were ever supposed to be IN HERE)

Lastly I want to say Happy Birthday to my mom, Betta Carney.  It seems for the last 20 plus years she has managed to be out of town for Halloween (her actual birthday).  Must be a challenge to have to fly to Venice and catch a Meddterain Cruse or fly to London or a quick trip to New York each year for your birthday. 
I am a farmer today because of the opportunities and love she has shown me all my life and to call her mom is a privilege.  I love you mom, ya'll have a great trip!   

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