Monday, October 22, 2012

I love mornings

Those of you who know me, know that I wake very early every day without an alarm.  Once my mind starts churning there is no going back to sleep.  This morning was no different and the shorter fall days usually result in waiting around the house before heading to the farm.  So I piddle for a bit, have my morning oatmeal and coffee , feed my starving dogs and then finally head out.  It's always so quiet each morning at the farm and on Mondays I walk around and update the weeks to do list.

We will be skinning Wilma this week to protect her winter Tomatoes. These Early Girls look good and should produce in late December.

The doors are being put on Fred as well as skinning his bay#6 Thursday morning (weather permitting).

It's a challenge to get the scale of Fred in a photo.
Trellising our blackberries is also on this weeks to do list.  This is the inside view of the previous photo.

Time to turn in the buckwheat cover crop between Barney's Blackberries too.  The flowering buckwheat is the closest thing this farm has to pretty flowers.

Oh well this weeks list is not as big as previous ones, but it should keep us busy at the farm.

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