Friday, October 5, 2012

Broken Phone, Hot Rod & Old Friends

So my drive up to the land of Lincoln started with me dropping my phone at the airport while picking up what was supposed to be a subcompact fuel efficient rental.

  After getting ran over by my friends truck,  surprisingly enough its still works!

Nothing like a subcompact with a Hemi.  The good news its only costing me the subcompact rate.
I was a bit worried that I would attract attention from the law enforcement types with Texas tags and this Hot Rod and I was right.  Not long after on 167 north of Baldknob, I was pulled over by a county mounty with a drug dog and and searched.  No worries since the only leafy greens I had were turnip & mustard greens to be delivered to Danielle's mom in IL.

I ended the evening staying in St. Louis with a former colleague and her husband, Rhonda & Jim Bateman.
Rhonda was our training and implementation manger for our old software product QualityAgent.  Talking about the days of demo first, contract second and product third was a blast and I was very thankful for their hospitality.

This afternoon I get to watch my youngest daughter Danielle lead her Jr. High band in the homecoming parade for Knoxville Jr. High and I am stoked.

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