Thursday, November 1, 2012

Making a Path

Using a tractor to clear a path through brush and trees is not work, its letting a kid into a candy store. This morning I was the kid.  

It started with me getting to know the panoramic feature of my Galaxy S3 better and getting a photo of Fred from my favorite view, the south west corner whith the rising sun. 

 Long vines growing up the tree had to be pulled as well as a few small trees had to be cleared. 
Once through the I paused to play with the camera again.

With the path clear I could take a photo of Fred & Bamm Bamm.

This is my favorite, its the view standing on the corner of my irrigation backbone looking towards Bamm Bamm.  Having water so close to this field makes farming it possible.  Bamm Bamm will allow the farm to diversify growing systems subsequently reducing risk AND enables growing more in Fred what works well in tunnels and move things like cucumbers, squash and beans to a field.  So I can double down THIS winter on leafy's without having to make room early in the spring for other crops AND double down next spring on crops suited for field production.   Add an acre of organic sweet corn to the rotation and next year should be another record year!

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  1. Kelly, You are the man. If someone had told me in 2001 you were going to be a farmer I would have laughed. If someone told me you were going to be a kick ass farmer, I would have said NOT! Kicking ass in coorperate world yes but kicking ass in the dirt I would never have thought it. WTG! Your farm is amazing and glad I got to see it from the beginning. It is quite impressive.