Monday, November 19, 2012

Neutralimeing Bamm Bamm

Armed with my soil report from the extension service today's mission was to add lime to Bamm Bamm with the goal of achieving a PH of 7.0 or "Neutral" by spring.  It seems figuring the right amount of inputs to use for Organic farming is always a challenge.  The soil report recommends amounts using agriculture lime and synthetic fertilizers and I have to convert those to organic inputs for fertility and lime based on the ease of using pelletized lime and the spreader buggy that is offered by Oakley Fertilizer of Beebe.  After doing the reductions needed to convert AG lime to pelletized I headed to Beebe to pick up the buggy and lime.
They weighed my Trailblazer and the buggy empty first.

Then added 1200 pounds of pelletized lime to the buggy.

OK so I kind of like truck scales that can weigh thousands and thousands of pounds (TONS!).

It seems nothing is ever without a bump in the road when it comes to farming and today's bump was my tractor hitch pin being a bit small for the buggy.  Luckily there was a store close by that had a larger pin.
After a 40 minute SLOW ride to the farm, it only took about 30 minutes to spread the lime around Bamm Bamm.   Another slow ride back to Beebe and the mission was complete.

Back at the farm, the trout I started in the smoker were done and lunch was ready.
Another example of CSA money at work, it paid for the lime and contributed a bit to yesterdays fishing trip!


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