Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fishing with Rocky & Evan

A few weeks ago my brother Jules and his family stopped by The Bernice Gardens Farmers Market.  He brought his daughter Roxanna and his grandson Evan with him.  I mentioned to Evan that we should go fishing when this market ends in a few weeks and today we did.  Before farming I would spend many many days on  the Little Red River catching rainbow and brown trout.  When your fishing, your not anything but a fisherman and the break from the world has always been a welcomed reprieve.  Like many fishing trips it started out with a few challenges, the motors tilt device needed a relay switch, the boat needed a new plug and the motor did not want to start.  After dealing with these opportunities, we headed upstream and got our lines wet.  First to hook one was Evan and I think his mom was more excited than he.

Today mother nature did us right, the sun was out and the fish were biting.
We worked on how to tie a lure and how to dislodge moss or leaves the
 crank baits would inevitably bring in by spanking them against the water. Evan caught the first several  fish and instantly became the expert. When Rocky caught a leaf,  "You have to spank it mom" cried Evan and this fisherman busted out laughing.  That was ALMOST the title of this post.  

Rocky started catching fish and there were no skunks on this boat today.

But the day belonged to Evan who caught the most fish.

With plenty of fish in the well and the sun starting to set, we called it a trip.

There are few things I love more than fishing. 
 But to be sure, helping get this young man and his mom hooked on it is one of them.

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