Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Burning Peppers

Almost THREE crates of Sweet Italian Marconi Peppers loaded in the smoker and ready to go.   The last several weeks of sunny days combined with our row covers provided a large harvest of ripe peppers.  Since our smoked pepper inventory was low , it's time to NOT burn the peppers.

 This was the result of my last attempt. Lesson learned is don't start peppers in the middle of the night, you may forget to turn the burner down to low and wake to this wasted effort.    

Samson (my 100lb yellow goat retriever) wont even eat these, but he does like the #3's I toss down for him.

Samson has no issues eating his veggies, peppers, beans and especially loves our "Tennis Ball Cantaloupe"

The smoker is packed with peppers as can be seen in the video.

This Smoke Hollow Smoker has been reliable so far.  
Let's hope the operator can make the same claim with this batch.

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