Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bamm Bamm!!

North Pulaski Farms is proud to announce that we are doubling our growing capacity! Meet Bamm Bamm the newest member of our "Bedrock" clan.  Bamm Bamm is a 3 acre field adjacent to our farm that my neighbors were gracious enough to lease to me.

Bamm Bamm is slightly larger than Fred and will reduce our reliance on a single growing system for most of our revenue. Another piece of good news is it's only 50 feet from our irrigation back bone so bringing water to it should be fairly easy. 

Most of Bamm Bamm's soil is Leadvale Silt Loam which has good drainage characteristics and decent texture.  It's the main soil type in Fred. It has not had any synthetic inputs for over the last three years so we don't expect any issues  adding it to our certification.

While it will fit with our existing irrigation infrastructure we will have to install deer fencing. Having heard and seen the horror stories of raising organic vegetables only to feed the local deer herds  we will be taking this project very seriously.   The crop list for 2013 needs to be re-worked but to be certain we are adding SWEET CORN to our rotation along with more cantaloupe, squash and beans.   There is TONS of work to be done, adding lime, litter, disking and sewing a cover crop ASAP to start with!. 
Samson made short work crossing Bamm Bamm in this video.
 Thank you CSA Members, Market Customers and Fellow Farmers for your support!
CSA money at work! 

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