Thursday, October 25, 2012

Skinning Fred's Bay#6 Part Duex

 Back in early August we skinned Fred's #6 bay but failed to tighten the ropes enough to secure the poly and the following weekend the poly blew off and we added that day to the long list of wasted days worked on this farm.  Skinning is the termed used  by farmers when they put the poly on a green/hoop house.  This morning we tried again.   It takes at least 8 people to skin one of Fred's tunnels, 2 Ropers, 4 Pushers, 2 Pullers and we just hope that the wind stays away long enough to do the job.  

Chris Hiryak with Little Rock Urban Farming and Rose Holley were our ropers this morning.  Their job is to run the ropes over the tunnels after the poly is pulled over them.   Chris was gracious enough to volunteer himself and one of his crew to help with the job.  More affirmation that when it comes to farming, there is not a finer group of people I am privileged to call my peers.  

The tunnels are 14 feet tall, 24 feet wide and 327 feet long, which means there is A LOT OF SKINNING to do.

The Pushers push the poly from the gutters to the top of the hoops while the Pullers pull the sides down.

Even I got in on some of the Pushing action.

After a few hours the bay is skinned and ready for the doors to be installed.
We paid special attention to tightening up the ropes so this tunnel should not need attention until next June when we remove the doors and jack up the sides getting it ready for the summer heat.
The forecast is calling for cooler temperatures and our crops will be protected from the frost and most of the cold.    The snow peas and the mini cantaloupe in this tunnel will be able to finish their production run over the next few weeks!

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