Sunday, December 9, 2012

Litter & Lights

This last week ended on a good note.   We got to open the Bernice Garden Holiday Tree Light and Craft Market with some Christmas Music and Bamm Bamm got a much needed boost in nutrients.

Full tables and a full crew showed for the market Thursday eve.  I like the Christmas lights on the tables, too bad we don't have more evening markets this holiday season.


We always like entertaining the kids.
The market was a success and we generated some interest in our CSA too!

Friday morning Betty & Bamm Bamm received several tons of poultry litter.  The smell of money was dominant in the air.  

Betty will be hosting our Watermelon crop next year. Watermelons are heavy feeders and this litter should do the trick.

This next week (after it drys a bit) will be spent on a tractor turning the soil and spreading rye grass seed.
Soil is a farms wealth and Bamm Bamm & Betty just got a truck load deposited in the bank.

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