Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cold Quiet Morning

This quiet cold morning at the farm finds me procrastinating until it warms a bit.  With my crew off today and my wing dog at home,  I like having the farm to myself.  

 A check in on Wilma finds my winter tomatoes well, I spend winter mornings here with a hot cup of coffee.  This morning while I wait for it to warm, reading a bit of Melville is occupying my time.

This John Deer Model H spreader is going to get a workout in the near future spreading several tons of poultry litter on Bamm Bamm.

My snow peas, brocolini, and lettuce don't mind the cold, but the peppers need row covers.

Good bye Okra and Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans.  While I had record production from my Okra, I planted the beans a bit late this year and did not get the yield that I hoped for.   Oh well , every day farming is an opportunity to learn.   Time to read about a man obsessed with a whale until it warms up.  Might take all morning.

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