Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Goings On

This is the time of year where my summer crops are starting to slow a bit but my fall crops are starting to pick up.  Cool mornings motivate me to focus on farming and this morning was perfect for such activities.   After picking up some additional kale and cover crop seed, I am fast at it.  A month ago I started some kale seeds in Betty and they did not germinate so I put more in Fred this morning with higher expectations.   Kale and Turnip Greens are good sellers and tolerate the pests that still linger from the summer months.

Our first stage of Turnip Greens and Tatsoi are doing well and sold out quickly at Sunday’s Bernice Gardens Farmers Market.

Our last stage of Rocky Top Tomatoes is setting fruit and should start ripening up at the end of October.

While the spinach seeds started a few weeks ago are slow to germinate, the Gourmet Mix has popped up and should be ready with the last of the tomatoes at the end of October.  Can you say organic salad anyone?

I don’t know if the cucumbers will last until late October but they would be a nice addition to the salad wouldn't they?

Our fall Kentucky Wonder Pole beans are late due to poor plan execution on my part but in a few weeks these sweet tender beans should start producing.

Next week we will start transplanting these Romaine, Butterhead & Merlot Lettuce seedlings. Look for them starting in November.

Well now that I have this blog back online I hope to continue adding to it.  We are working on fixing the old one but until then we will forge ahead and keep on posting here, starting seeds and enjoying these cool mornings.

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