Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cooking Greens

I am asked often how I prepare greens so here is how I do it.  I usually cook in large batches so I can have leftovers that I happily eat over and over every day until they are gone.  Anyone who likes greens will tell you they get better each day they sit in the fridge.
I started with 3 bunches of my Purple Top Turnip Greens,  5 slices of Freckle Face Farms Bacon, one of my Marconi Peppers, a handful of sliced Jalapenos that a friend grew and one of my Hickory Smoked Peppers.
I first rinse and soak the greens in the sink to remove any grit that may be on the leaves.

 Then I slice the marconi pepper, jalapenos, bacon and the stalks of the greens and sauté them with a teaspoon of sea salt for about 15 minutes on high.

After that I add the rest of the greens, a tablespoon of sea salt ,the hickory smoked pepper and add water 2 inches over the greens (you have to hold the greens down to guesstimate the water level) then boil at least 30 minutes.

The greens with a very slight hickory flavor combined with the mild heat from the jalapenos warm your taste buds.  Tomorrow they will even be better!!!


  1. Looks great.. Like the little extra heat and smoke you put in the greens - adds depth to the bitterness if the greens

  2. Sounds super tasty! What else do you use your hickory smoked peppers for? Are they fairly dry??

    I've heard that in the soul food variety of turnip greens they actually use turkey neck. My friend couldn't find that so cooked them with a turkey leg, and it was absolutely incredible.
    Thanks and Godspeed!