Friday, September 28, 2012

North Pulaski Farms CSA is finally here!

I am happy to announce that North Pulaski Farms will offer a Community Supported Agriculture Share program for the 2013 summer growing season. Running a CSA has always been part of my original business plan but I have been hesitant to do so because of my rookie status as a farmer.  Accepting money for a crop yet produced comes with a great responsibility and being a bit risk averse,  I wanted to wait until I had data on what I could produce consistently before I started.  Well I have a fairly good handle of what I can and can’t grow in central Arkansas organically and have enlisted two other organic farmers to help with a few items not on my plan.  My farm will be producing the vast majority of the crops to fulfill the CSA. Our certified organic blackberries will be an exclusive item for our CSA.  Laughing Stock Farms of Sheridan is planning to help with potatoes, ginger and selected herbs and Rattles Garden of Vilonia is planning to help with eggplant, squash and onions.  Working with other organic farmers is a highlight of what I do and I am very grateful for their support for this CSA.

We are offering a limited number of shares and half shares and have updated our website with further information on what, when and how.  Additionally we have added a few other features to our website that make it easier to find where to buy our produce, a resource page for new farmers and added a recipe link on our crops page that will eventually get populated with my favorite recipes using only local food.
As the 2012 season starts to slow down, I am once again revved up about farming and loving the wonderful people I have the privilege to work with.
Check out our updated website at

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